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Z Joint Cell Competence Center

Activities of the Joint Cell Competence Center:

  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge and skills related to the CBEA and hybrid computing including programming frameworks, tools, libraries and application.
  • Supporting ICM users and researches in porting and tuning applications on the CBEA.
  • Organizing CBEA and hybrid computing programming classes at ICM as well as workshops and presentations on external conferences.
  • Identifying new application areas for Cell and assisting in application enablement.
  • Maintaining a Cell developers environment, which is planned to evolve into a production system in the future.
  • Maintaining relationships with developers at IBM as well as other institutions involved with Cell.
  • Identifying potential for involvement in test & development activities related to the CBEA and hybrid computing (testing new software / SW development)
  • Writing articles and publications describing activity and achievements as well as maintaining a wiki for local Cell users.
  • Evaluating opportunities of commercial engagement in the business and industrial sector (commercial training, development work on projects, etc.)
  • Coordinating work of other local teams involved in CBEA and hybrid computing application development and scientific applications.

Latest news

  • The brand new T-Platforms Cell Compiler (beta1) is now available on Blader system for testing. Read more..
  • First workshop on POWER architecture "Scientific POWER Meeting 2009" was took place in Mazurian Lakes area on 26-28 March, 2009. The event was focused on the PowerXCell8i architecture, it's impact on the scientific computing area as well as it's future. Read more..
  • JCCC received the IBM Faculty Award 2008. Read more..
  • Resources pages has been added to the main JCCC web page sidebar.
  • Nautilus has been ranked as No. 1 in the latest Green500 list of the most ecologic supercomputers in the world. Read more..
  • Nautilus has been ranked at 221 position in the latest Top500. Read more..
  • We proudly announce the new Nautilus supercomputer at ICM. Read more..
  • First Basic Cell Programming Course will take place at ICM, 10 September 2008. Read more..
  • Joint Cell Competence Center has been announced on 14 August 2008 as part of ICM - IBM collaboration agreement Read more..

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