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Z Joint Cell Competence Center

Here you can find information, data and tools provided by JCCC.

  • FFTW on Cell - benchmark results of the FFTW code on the Cell based ICM's systems generated with the JCCC Benchmark Suite.

Tips & tricks

Here we give links to important and useful tips & tricks we have found by ourself or by searching the web.


  • Problems running the AsmVis application

We've had a problem with running the Assembly Visualizer with assembly codes generated by XLC compiler. It turned out that the AsmVis application works only with GCC. Read more here.

SIMD programming

  • How to perform a vector square root on spu?

Here is a nice link to CBE forum:click

  • How to sum up the entries of a float vector?

Use one of the two functions _sum_across_float3(vector float) or _sum_across_float4(vector float). The first one is design for apps that use float vectores to store 3D coords. Definitions of both can be found in your SDK directory under usr/spu/include/sum_across_float*.h